Pia Mellody and Eric Baker, Sr.

Eric Baker, Sr. has just completed a three part intensive training with Pia Mellody, Author of Facing Love Addiction, Facing Codependency, The Intimacy Factor among several other significant books dealing with the relationship and the human condition. The training was covered in three separate components. The first was PIT or Post Induction Training dealing with the five core truths as it relates to every individual: 

  1. We all have inherent worth (value)
  2. We are all vulnerable (need protection)
  3. We are all imperfect (reality)
  4. We are all dependent (needs/wants)
  5. We are all spontaneous and Open

The second component deals the Inner child work. Identifying and healing the wounded inner child.
The third component deals with feels reduction, including, shame and anger.
When trauma in childhood occurs on any of these levels it results in immaturity which in turn negatively impacts our ability to have healthy relationships with another person. Pia’s model allows for the identification of these issues and a clear process to resolve them.
Look for upcoming intensive workshops using this model to be announced.