Group Therapy

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Group therapy differs from traditional individual therapy as it provides real time interactive opportunities to apply skills and concepts learned in individual therapy in a safe and nurturing environment. Furthermore, group therapy enables members to achieve therapeutic goals through attaching, relating, and giving and receiving support from one another.  As groups evolve, bonds between members grow, which accelerates the therapeutic process. Group therapy may feel intimidating at first, however the vulnerability required to be a group participant is what makes group a very special and effective form of therapy that’s impossible to have with individual therapy alone.

If you are interested in joining a therapy group or have any questions on how we conduct group therapy at Avenues, please feel free to contact us.

Some testimonials from group members:

“Group Therapy is a more interactive therapy than Individual Therapy.  Most if not all of the people in the group have either been where you are at or in very similar situations.  They can best relate to you and help to give you support and suggestions on how to cope with the issue or issues you are facing at the time.  You feel comfortable listening and relating to the group as everyone works to resolve their individual issues and move forward toward a better and more fulfilling life.  You also develop a camaraderie and a trust with those in the group as you share your intimate thoughts and feelings and the group respects that and that knowledge never goes beyond the door.  You also have a support group that you can call on whenever you need it, as sometimes there may be a day that you can hardly cope on your own.  That’s when you call the group and they will be there for you.”

“If therapy is learning how to better live our lives and navigate through the world, then group therapy is like training wheels until we get our balance and can take our skills out into traffic.

Group is a place to try out new ways to interact with others and to work through issues that show up in all aspects of our lives.  There have been times that I’ve been frustrated with individuals in group and instead of bringing it up and learning from it in the safe environment of group, I’ve reacted in script.  Realizing that and making a different decision in group has helped me do the same in other relationships in my life.

The other unique benefit of group is working through others.  Many times what you can so clearly see in others, whether it is their dysfunction or something that appears so easy to fix, will often have application in your own life.  Sometimes, even as the words are coming out of your own mouth as to what “they” should do…you realize that it’s really something that “you” should do too. “

“I’ve gotten a lot out of group since I began. I’ve grown much more confident, assertive, patient, understanding, and adult. In short, I’ve grown to trust my own judgment more – I’ve become more self-actualized, and “switched on.” I have a greater sense of self-worth, but not an inflated ego. I think I have a more realistic picture of my life and how I can make it what I want, and I have the foresight and ability to make it happen. I’ve learned to take action rather than be a passive observer of my own life, and my life is better as a result. The things I’ve learned in from group are things that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”